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Welcome to Camster. Free live cams and sex chat. Video chat live with amateur cam girls and pornstars from around the world.

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HTML titleCamster - Free live cam girls and sex chat
HTML descriptionWelcome to Camster. Free live cams and sex chat. Video chat live with amateur cam girls and pornstars from around the world.
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camster at
finally out of bed, been using the Internet since 1pm now it's about 2 hours later and haven't accomplished anything else today.
camster at
nearly noon and still haven't left the bed, what a loser! gotta get up n' take a shower now.
camster at
want to buy phone charm, knives, sweatshirt
camster at
need to clean up guest rooms, sort out tax papers, and miscellaneous files.
camster at
going to take a shower now to wake myself up and since i haven't showered for a day my hair is greasy.
camster at
it has a dent in the side and back. as i drive it around, i wake up. such a weird anxiety filled dream
camster at
then it switches over to me driving a white van and trying to park it in my workplace's lot.
camster at
and make a police report on record that these guys are trying to frame me. i'm so pissed
camster at
i get upset and call the police myself and tell them to come out and inspect the cars
camster at
his pal says that they're gonna report me to the police for hitting his van.
camster at
i roll down the window a hair and yell out hey, i didn't do anything wrong and
camster at
next thing i know his friend comes out and stands in front of my car while mr. dreadlocks is behind writing down the license plate number.
camster at
mr. dread locks comes out and walks by my car and scrutinizes the white van parked next to me.
camster at
then i throw something and on my way out i smear the glass door with mayonnaise sauce and go out to my car and eat my meal.
camster at
i get angry and tell him it's a stupid policy and that he provides bad customer service,
camster at
finally i say to mr. dreadlocks, why can't he just ring me up and then gets mad and says he doesn't have his password.
camster at
mr. dreadlocks says sorry, i can't, coffee milk skin has to fix it.
camster at
why don't you just ring me up for the fries and i'll pay for it.
camster at
he said no wonder the order was only 3 bucks, and i said oh, it must be a mistake .
camster at
i get my order and mr. dreadlocks says oh you got free fries 'cause i wasn't charged for the onion rings i was munching on.

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Google+ descriptionRetired Police Chief working in Afghanistan since 2005
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